Monday, July 28, 2014

iPython notebook: slides, blog posts - live / interactive too, if you want

Create slides easily with iPython notebook using markdown cells in your notebook, and generating the slides (reveal.js based):

The post in a Nikola-based static blog, with video and instructions is here:

The raw slide-show (should you want to see it full-screen) is here:

When looking at the slide-show, be sure to try some of the reveal.js directives (such as ESC to see an overview of the slides, or 's' for speaker notes, 'b' to darken the screen).  Also swipe and pinch should work in mobile safari.

With the development of collaboratory on Jupyter (the new iPython development direction, with notebooks shared on Google Drive), you will be able to have a live generated ipython slideshow also (see the SciPy-2014 video)

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