Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Online course on "Reproducible Research"

John Hopkins has a 4 week MOOC on coursera (a commercial MOOC delivery system) called "Reproducible Research" which looks at R and generating documentation and procedures within R.


The course is delivered by Roger Peng.

If you are interested in taking this, I would be happy to hear from you about it.

Note that U.Chicago has recently joined edx.org consortium (similarly a MOOC delivery system, but open source;  both edX and coursera are python/django based platforms).

It would be perhaps more interesting and more accurate to think about a survey of the various essential elements of what needs to be part of "Reproducible Research" and the various existing tools currently available to accomplish that, their strengths, weaknesses, and so forth - as well as a survey of what is missing and still needed.

If you take this, please let me know and provide some feedback, impressions.

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