Monday, September 9, 2013

Brief Architectural Overview of edX + getting started

At the Chicago Python Users Group this Thursday, 9/12  (details at 
  • An overview of edX by @yarkot(+Yarko Tymciurak)
    • A brief history of CBI (from 1960);
    • Python's solution carrying it forward;
    • current CBI / MOOC resurgence - and current options;
    • An architectural overview of edX
    • Getting started with edX
      • setting up a courseware development environment
      • setting up for platform development
        • grading modules, course plugins, theming
      • building your desktop environment for course development
    • Examples of extensions & graders
    • Where to go from here
Other presentations Thursday evening: 
  • Autoscale on Rackspace by @brian_curtin(+Brian Curtin ) 
  • Love: for techies: evolution, function, and leveraging for community building & problem solving @yarkot

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