Thursday, August 16, 2012

Caution if updating to mercurial 2.3

The version control system we've been encouraging people to use,  mercurialwas upgraded to version-2.3  this August, 2012.

First - there is no pressing need to upgrade.    If you're curious, or think some of the updates of fixes are pertinent to you, check the release notes.

While the update is fine, several extensions which may affect you may need to be upgraded:

  • hg-git
  • hgsubversion

If you upgrade mercurial to version 2.3, and you experience problems (for example, "hg status" in one of your repositories fails)  check your .hgrc (or _hgrc) file to see if you have either of the above extensions.   If commenting them out solves your problems, then you should upgrade those extensions.

Details on the issue:

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