Saturday, May 28, 2011

2011 O'Reilly Strata Conf

Strata 2011 | Exploring the Data Universe
Report on Feb. Conference.

Has anyone heard of Data Wrangler before?

I've just tried this, and would like to hear from non-engineering/CS staff on their experience.

In a nutshell:

In particular, they are looking at samples of how people are using their tool (so clean your data appropriately).

Also, note the "large data" comment:

  • You should not (really) depend on the actual, bulk data conversion (see the "Export" link near the script that is developed, lower left)
  • You want to really use a sample of your incoming data so Data Wrangler can generate a python script for you to locally filter your actual data

RCG staff may be able to help you get started with this, if you need.

NOTES for RCG staff

  • This application is a full-on javascript application (runs in your browser).
  • It will export CSV results (not so interesting);
  • It will export your particular filtering steps as a program (very interesting)
    • Either javascript, or python code  (python library available for download)

I recommend a look at the design paper:

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